Wendy Slaughter

I have to give a HUGE shout out to our realtor, Wendy Slaughter. She got us the mac daddy house for an unreal price! We are so thrilled to finally be moving out of our townhome and into a full (HUGE) single family home. If you are considering buying a house (I’m sure many of you are), you are definitely going to want Wendy to be on your side!!! (Especially in this market)

Here are the top ten reasons why Wendy Slaughter is the best realtor I know:

1. She has a huge referral network of all the best people she knows to work with. Looking for a great home inspector?, call Wendy. Need your house designed? call Wendy. Need a mold specialist?, call Wendy. Need a new stone fireplace? call Wendy. Who needs the phone book when you have Wendy Slaughter?

2. She has a degree in Marketing and puts it to very good use in her realtor role. When we put our townhouse on the market, she did not cut corners on the listing- we really felt like we were listed as well as all her million-dollar homes.

3. She knows the neighborhoods very well in Columbia and Howard County in general. Often times she would point out the parks that were popular and the different neighborhoods where she knew people lived.

4. When we listed our home, our neighbors had a refrigerator on their lawn that was an eyesore and could have potentially cost us a sale. She called the health department for us and had them write a letter to the people asking them to get rid of it.

5. She is a wealth of home improvement information. She was able to give us good ballpark figures for improvements we might need to do to homes we were considering buying. She also could point out improvements that were made and how that affected the value of the house.

6. She is a hoot! She can make me laugh-I think I spent more time laughing than anything during my house-hunting. Seriously, though, she knows how to deal with different personalities and that comes in handy when dealing with the personalities that sell homes.

7. She always looked out for our best interest. I know that in her heart she really wanted us to have a good house because she cared about us getting a good house.

8. She was informative in the negotiating process. She always gave us different scenarios that could happen and was very informative about what the other parties might be thinking.

9. She works very hard and was available to us even at 8pm on Saturday night.

10. She made us aware of potential health risks – radon, mold, electrical power lines…

Thanks Wendy for sticking with us, I know it has been a long road (We’ve been looking since April), but we really appreciate all your hard work!

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