The Howard County Fair from a mom’s perspective.


So, it’s Howard County fair time again and this year we really had a game plan this year. Taking three kids to the fair can cost well over $100 if you’re not careful. So we decided to go on a night that it was a pay-one-price and ride all night deal. Still, $36, yikes. We ran into friends who have one child and it occurred to me that they only paid $12. Wow,, don’t think about that..back to the present…rides, lots of rides….

The fair is by far one of my favorite photo subjects. You can see some images from last year’s fair HERE. But, as always when I go somewhere with my family, I have to choose- mom or photographer. Yes, perhaps there is a way to do both, but it’s hard for me. Three kids require at least two eyes, two legs and two arms. I may have made some nice images from last year’s fair, but my husband, although understanding, was less than thrilled to be dealing with them on his own. And really, I can either talk to Jake while he’s petting the baby chick or I can shoot it. So I decided to be just a mom this year. Instead of a big, fancy camera, I joined the ranks of mothers everywhere with point and shoots who lean over the flimsy fair fences to get a photos of their sweet little ones on questionably safe fair rides. I couldn’t have been happier. The twins couldn’t get enough of those little trucks that go around in a circle. By the end of the night, they were regulars who knew how to buckle themselves and knew exactly where to exit and enter. Andrew loved the funhouse and went in so many times we started timing him to see if he could beat his best time through. Ethan took them down the big, slippery slide with the burlap bag and they screamed with joy. All three of them were in kid heaven. My husband and I were in parent heaven. And so I guess sometimes enjoying it IS more important than documenting it. Of course, I had my iphone camera to got those shots I didn’t get from last year. I just thought I’d share those here. On a side note, I also have a better understanding into why non-professionals don’t really take all that great of photos. Those cameras are hard to shoot with! Enjoy my lovely family in lovely summer family bliss:



See, even I can’t get a shot with their eyes all open!!! 


OK, so I had to TRY and take at least one nice shot. Not bad with the little iphone:

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annie - Aw, so cute! LOVE the swing shot!!August 6, 2008 – 10:05 pm

mary Gardella - What! No vertical wide angle?August 12, 2008 – 10:41 pm