Holiday Portraits 2009

Well, it’s that time of year again- where I shift gears and focus on the families that have come to me year after year to document their children. It’s so wonderful to catch up with the families and to see how the children are growing. Soon I’ll be shooting bar and bat mizvahs for some, others it will be senior portraits and one day, weddings. I hope you enjoy this sampling of family photos from some recent sessions:

Harper came to me two years ago and this time, she introduced me to her bear.

Jennifer Domenick

Mom and Dad are really enjoying being parents, and it’s so fun to document that stage for them!

Isn’t she precious?

This beautiful family just started coming to us, and I really look forward to seeing them every year!

I photographed Nate and Davis when Nate was 2 and Davis was just born. It was my first year in business and now these boys go to the same school as my son!

The Bacon Family always looks forward to coming (wink, wink)

These are from a recent session at the Price’s home in Virginia. They just moved and when I last photographed them, their youngest was still just a glimmer in his parent’s eyes.

Jimmy Carter- yes, I photographed Jimmy Carter- ok not THAT Jimmy Carter. Just a lovely couple- and friends of clients.  I do wish we could photograph more gay couples. Love transcends……

AND…Jennifer McMenamin, very pregnant!!!

and oh my goodness look at who we have here!!!! Ponneh and Scott had a little baby boy!!!!

Some of Mary’s clients even made their way into my schedule:

The Maccubbin family- I did their wedding at Overhills Mansion.

Thanks to all the families that signed up for and came out to our annual Holiday Portrait Day. Please keep posted for our spring sessions if you missed this one. (They fill up in about a day, so don’t wait to sign up!)

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