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Our newest family addition

I am not a dog person. I just don’t completely understand dogs. They seem kind of dumb to me and so darn needy. A cat fits much easier into my life- requires little work and attention. But, I see a lot of people who are really in love with their dogs and think if there...

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Back to School

Just a quick little photo that I just love from this morning’s back to school day. I can’t believe Andrew is now in 3rd grade! He’s growing up to be a sweet little boy and I’m excited for him and the school year ahead. Tweet

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Summer reflections

I was lucky this summer to have a significant amount of time off. I had a busy busy spring and have a busy fall ahead of me, but this summer I had almost 7 weeks off. I spent most of that time savoring my family. It is lovely that I get to do that as...

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Happy Happy Spring!

I’m so thrilled that spring has finally come and I hope everyone is enjoying a weekend off. I’m trying to law as low as I possibly can over the next few days because after spring break, my life turns crazy again. Hope you are finding time to enjoy this weather!Tweet

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Art photos

Here’s just some pretty photos I shot while away this weekend. Enjoy! I dedicate these images to my most favortie group of princesses in the world! I am totally blessed to call you my friends: Tweet

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